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If you bought a digital product, signed up for a newsletter, signed into a forum or downloaded a free pattern from Interweave, then you are on the Interweave list.  You must have received a ton (virtual ton) of notices and advertisements for discounts and sales for electronic products over the holiday season.  Some of them were good deals.  I would prefer to have a DVD, but your account will hold your digital products (E-Magazines, Video downloads and Patterns) and allow unlimited downloads.  I couldn’t resist, for the price of one DVD, I got four Video downloads, between the sales and coupons.  Happy Holidays to me too…  I chose to download my products to my computer, because the buffering was driving me crazy.  These where High Definition Videos and they took quite a long time to download.

sock knit master 2

I have always been intrigued by sock knitters.  It seems like some of the nicest color-work and patterns are for socks.  Their construction seems alien to me, elusive, almost secretive.  So I jumped (clicked) at the opportunity to download a Video called Sock Knitting Master Class, by Ann Budd.  The camera angles for the most part allowed me to see what Ann’s hands were doing.  She showed many cast-on and bind-offs.  The Kichener stitch, knitting in the round with double point needles, small circulars, two circulars and magic loop.  She covered pros and cons of every technique, and how to deal with problems and how to avoid them.  I really liked Ann’s teaching methods.  She covers top down construction, toe up construction, different heel construction, gussets etc.  I found her instructions easy to follow without a lot of unnecessary banter.  Also, she did what she said, and she said what she did.  I have a real problem when someone teaches me how to do something, but then they don’t do it that way.  Do as I say, not as I do – doesn’t work for me.  She was very consistent and quite capable.  Her confidence is evident, and she makes you feel like you should have no problem following simple sock knitting instructions.  

Sock Knit Master 1 

I have only a few disappointments with it.  For me, one of the biggest disappointments is that while she mentions short rows, and short row heel construction, she doesn’t demonstrate it.  It’s much easier to see than it is to read.  This was a major flaw to me.  I will watch it again just to be sure I didn’t miss it in a moment of “space out”, but my ears perked up every time I heard that phrase.  Watching this video it becomes evident that there is a book that they want you to have.  Its propped up on display through the entire video, and has the same name as the video.  I decided that I wanted to buy this book, either hard copy or electronic copy.  So I clicked over to Interweave.  I find the hard copy book available but included is a DVD of the video I just bought.  Well, I don’t need two video’s  and I’m apparently the only knitter I know that doesn’t know how to knit socks.  I found the E-Book too, but included is the same video download I just bought.  I am going to assume that I can’t buy the book without the video going with it.  I just feel like I may not buy that book, because in my mind I can’t buy something twice.  My third disappointment, I really wish she had covered knitting socks two at a time.  This is a technique that can be mystifying, but I think made to make sense with a simple demonstration.  Knowing what I know now about the connection between the book and video, I assume that the video was constructed solely as a companion to the book and covers only the techniques in the book.

All in all, if Ann Budd came to town and gave a workshop, I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up.  While I’m disappointed that I will probably never have the book, I’m glad I have the video, as it will will aid me when I do sit down to knit my first pair of socks.  The video was made well and Ann Budd does a wonderful job demonstrating techniques.  I did learn a few things and recommend it for people that need a visual aid, especially if you can obtain it at a low price.  

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