New Video ~ Interlock Vertical Join ~ Multiple Color Change

Interlock Join With Multiple Color Changes Video

Well, my wool order arrived and I got back to work on this weaving.  Not that I didn’t have anything else to do in the mean time.  However; it is rather large and sits in my living-room starring at me.  I made a video demonstrating this process once before, however this one shows more color changes and is closer.  There aren’t so many color changes that it gets confusing, at least that’s my hope.  I edited it so you only see me weaving the portion that’s in the frame.  What I’m not showing is how the sheds are made, and if anyone would like a visual on that, I can make a video once I’m a little higher up on the weaving.

Anyone who read the blog: Designing, Planning and Inspiration, will recognize where I am on this weaving in correlation to my sketch.  It takes a bit of measuring, and it doesn’t come out exact as the sketch, but it gives me direction and keeps me on the right path.  

Graph (4)

I can’t wait until I have worked a little higher on this weaving.  The only thing harder than getting on that floor to weave, is getting back up again.  I’m not accustomed to working with colors with a light value.  The grey and white together had me worried, but they sett off each other nicely.  My next worry is the brown.  I choose a brown that I have used quite a bit and like a lot.  Now to see how it will sit next to these other colors.  


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