The Three “R’s”

Recycle, Re-Purpose And Reuse ~

My salvaged hardware.  "D" rings & bolt snaps.  Yea!!!

My salvaged hardware. “D” rings & bolt snaps. Yea!!!

Time for a new Wallet.  I’ve had it for several years now, and it’s served me well.  It’s starting to separate at a seam, and just generally falling apart.  I detest trying to find new wallets and purses.  I can be so picky, and only something “just right” will work.  The one place I always find a wallet that I like is at John’s Pass in Madeira Beach, but when will I have an opportunity to get over there?  Mom comes to the rescue, a new wallet even before I have a chance to complain.  Before I resign the old wallet to the trash, I have to make sure the new one works well for me, and it’s perfect. 

Ripping the seam to get the layer of Leather on the other side

Ripping the seam to get the layer of Leather on the other side

The new wallet works great, but there’s several pieces of leather on the old one that look perfectly usable, not to mention all the hardware.  I decided to use a seam ripper and deconstruct the wallet, so I can use some of that leather for another project.  I was working out in my mind the possibilities for the leather pieces: change purse, lining a pouch or a patch pocket came to mind.  I was so disappointed when I peeled back the leather and realized the leather was pleather.  I was so surprised, I’m sure it said “Genuine Leather” when I bought it.  But it was unmistakable, the back was obviously manufactured.  I handled that wallet every day.  The backing of the pleather was peeling off, so even that was worthless.  At least there is hardware to salvage, and I know they’re metal and sturdy.  

Heavy Fiskars scissors to cut hardware off

Heavy Fiskars scissors to cut hardware off

I cut off the “D” rings and Bolt Snaps.  Those bolt snaps can come in pretty handy, and metal ones hard to locate when you need one.  These came off some sturdy areas of the purse, so I used heavy Fiskar’s craft scissors.  These scissors are pretty heavy-duty, they can cut wire, thin metal, leather, felt and evidently pleather.  I have a nice place to store notions and attachment hardware of all sorts.  When I weave a narrow band and need to attach it to something, these will come in handy.  I take the same approach to a lot of things that need to be thrown out.  Shirts, skirts and dresses become thread bare or are beyond repair, but have nice buttons, I can’t help but snip them off and save them for some future project.  Jeans find themselves turned into aprons, quilts and bags.  Sometimes we don’t have to know what we’re going to do with it, just know we’ll have it when we need it if we don’t throw it out.  We only have to cut away the unusable parts so we have room to store it.

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