Tapestry Weavers Exhibit

Tapestry Vision X4 Exhibit Field Trip


The Gainesville Handweavers guild has a tapestry group that meets every month.  We decided and planned to take a field trip and visit a tapestry weavers exhibit in St. Petersburg.  The exhibit contained tapestries from four very talented tapestry weavers that make up a group called “Taos” or Tapestry Artists Of Sarasota.  The exhibit was held at the Florida Craftsman in Downtown St Petersburg, Florida.


Terri Stewart met us and gave us the grand tour.  One of the featured artists, she knows a lot about the craft and the backgrounds of the other featured artists.  She was loaded with information and gave us some background on each piece and on the techniques of the artists.  The staff at the Florida Craftsman were friendly and welcoming.  Terri was patient and the perfect hostess. We all went for lunch at the Dome Grille and of course, went back for more tapestry and pictures.  We can’t thank Terri enough for taking time from her hectic schedule to spend with us.


It was hard to not touch them.  Tapestry and any fiber art for that matter is a very tactile practice.  Archie Brennan calls this incessant touching “twacking”, what ever you call it, I have a habit of doing it.  It was a real treat to see how other artists hung their work, and how it was hung in an actual exhibit.  The back of tapestry weaving is of some interest as well.  Very interesting to see how many pieces were wove on their side (a technique completely foreign to me).  There is one artist that always weaves from selvage to selvage (the way I tend to weave).  One artist works with abstract images, but It would be hard to call it abstract.  There was so much movement and play with colors that you just get drawn in, you don’t realize that there isn’t a clear picture with a defining figure in the center.


The four artists are (In Alphabetical order); Becky Stevens, John/Jack Nicholson, Lynn Mayne, and Terri Stewart.  All with different styles, different techniques and different inspirations.  They’ve worked together on more than one project and exhibit well together.  The exhibit also had a wonderful work in progress on display for educational purpose.  Also some small weavings hanging to display the techniques that form the foundation of Conventional tapestry weaving, along with a note book with descriptions.  It should educate a good many people about what tapestry weaving is, and perhaps whet their interest and produce future weavers.  The Florida Craftsman had a lot of other items on exhibit as well and they were a treat to view while we were there.

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