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One thing that I immediately notice when I’m interested in a technique is the lack of a visual demonstration or tutorial.  When I want to learn how to do a new embroidery   stitch or knitting technique nothing replaces watching someone do it.  Pictures and diagrams are great sources for reference, but when you get stuck or haven’t had the benefit of seeing it in action the execution and nuances of a technique seem alien and unobtainable.  I’m finding this to be true, oddly enough, with making videos.  I’m amazed how long it takes to make a 4:30 minute video.  Once I’m practiced at it, I’m sure I can shed some time off of it.  But there is still a lot of time and effort to put into it.  It will be a tender balance of providing relevant content, and spend time enjoying the skills that I try so hard to hone.  I think it will be worth it.  You can watch the video on the Mystic Handwork’s Video page, or on the Mystic Handwork’s YouTube channel.

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