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Finish Line – Secure The Weft – End Of The Band


The end of the band is in sight. You know what comes next, Right?  Cutting the weaving off the loom.  While you know that you should be able to cut it off without it raveling much, still, one pick coming undone seems like a waste.  This is when we start to think about securing our weft so even if it’s caught in a windstorm it will remain intact until we’re ready to use it.  This step, while quite simple, can cause confusion when read from a book.  I’ve created a video (full of fumbles and hands in the way) to demonstrate how I secure my weft at the end of my band weavings – All of them.

First, weave until you have only two picks left.  Cut your weft leaving a long tail (I like to leave a foot or so).  Create a shed, place a dental threader or a long loop of waste thread in the shed (with the loop on the same side the weft is currently on) then pass your weft leaving a loop, yes, in the same shed as the threader.  Then change sheds and beat. Pull your weft loop, then pass your weft leaving a loop for a final time.  Thread your yarn tail through the loop of the threader which will be on the same selvage as the weft, leave more slack in this than the width of your band.  Pull the threader through taking the weft tail with it.  Thread the weft tail DOWN through the weft loop and pull this loop snug.  Lastly, pull the weft tail closing the finial loop.  Your band weft is secure, It can not be pulled out unless you pick it out.  Snip the weft tail at the selvage.

Loosen the tension on your loom, move your heddles or cards to a safe spot, then cut your band off the loom.  The band can go directly into storage or finish ends (hem or fringe treatments), then finish the band according to the care instructions on yarn and/or according to its end use.  What ever you decide to do, that weft isn’t going anywhere. 

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