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Pouch With Lucet Cord Trim


I had a Lucet workshop coming up, and I needed to make some samples.  When I talk about lucet braids, I always mention how they can be couched down into a design as a trim, yet I never use them this way.  Since I needed a pouch to store my Runes, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make my pouch, have a sample for the workshop, and give this application a go.  I really enjoy this bag, and I believe the workshop participants did too (probably wishful thinking on my part).  


The construction of this bag took some fore-thought.  Since I needed to couch this down on the center of the pouch, I had to plan out where every seam would go, but not sew them until the end.  Hmmm, I didn’t even know what dimensions I wanted it to be.  I knew that a “Fat Quarter” from the fabric store would cover it, so I got one of those.  I also had the perle cotton that I was going to make the braid with, so I was able to match up some sewing thread for couching.  To figure the dimensions; first I found my design, then found a measurement that fit the design in the center in a pleasing fashion.  Great, I knew the dimensions the body of the pouch would be.  Then I decided to make the bottom of the bag the fold rather than another seam.  I knew that I wanted to make a drawstring, so I wanted a turned down tube/sleeve/casing to run the drawstring through at the top.  I figure just shy of an inch should be perfect for that, so add two inches at the top and multiply the whole thing by two, and I have one measurement.  Pouch width plus two inches for finishing and seams should work fine too.


Now I have the dimensions for my pouch and my cutting.  I cut out my pouch and pressed some hard creases to mark the folded bottom and where the drawstring sleeve/casing will start, essentially showing me the body of the pouch.  Next, I wanted all my raw edges finished, so I used my serger and overcast all my edges.  I finished pressing where all my seams would go, so I have a good visual of where everything is.  I need to get a copy of my design onto my pouch so I can couch down that lovely lucet braid.  I found that cutting my design pattern to the pouch body dimensions was the easiest way to center my design.  I took a ball tipped stylus and some tailors/seamstress transfer paper in a color that would show nicely, and I traced the design onto my pouch.  When I bought this paper years ago, I didn’t know what I would use it for and didn’t know what color I would need, so I bought the sample package with several pages of different colors.  I auditioned a few of the colors I thought would show up for me on some scraps of this black fabric.


With the design on my pouch, I  placed it on an embroidery hoop to keep it taunt and have a stable surface to work on.  I began by running the end of my braid through the bag at a good starting point where it will be covered.  I secured this with my sewing thread.  Holding the braid down on the design line, I couched the braid down with my sewing thread, running the sewing thread perpendicular across the braid.  I had to plan ahead and leave enough of the braid unsecured where the braid will need to run underneath, as the design undulates and is essentially an unending design.  Once I have completed my design, I cut my braid to about 1/2 inch longer than it needs to go.  I picked out the last half inch to the exact length and ended my braid properly and ran the tail through the bag and secured it.  I finished the design by pressing out the marks left by my embroidery hoop and pressed my braid to sharpen the points and round my curves and give it an even appearance.  

The only thing left now is to create the casing for my drawstring, and complete my side seams.  First I sewed the side seams, and I wanted the casing to have a finished edge. so I used this seam allowance and folded the finished selvages in, sewed them down along the casing.  Then folded the casing over with a slight double fold and top-stitched the casing.  Voila!


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