Project 4 Continued

Bottom part of two slops with floating bars
Bottom part of two slopes with floating bars

The beat goes on with my fourth project from Nancy Harvey’s DVD series.  After I completed the first leaf with hatching, which I didn’t care for, I continued onto the next.  This leaf’s hatching ends on one side where the vein in the leaf lies.  I thought this was a nice way to emphasize the vein and have some shading.  I found a pick here and there out-of-place, but it was long after I was able to go back and re-weave it.  I find it awkward to weave back and forth in a straight line to create a curve.  As Mom would say, this too shall pass.

Second leaf finished
The second leaf finished

I placed a bud of some random sort between the leaves and decided to make this red.  I had several plans for its shading but ultimately settled on more subtle shading.  I think I like the look of hatching better when it’s more subtle, rather than striking.  I would have made the hatching on the leaves and bud much more subtle than I did if I had a larger choice of yarns suitable for tapestry weaving.  I ended the bud and leaf with a line of fine weft carried over the entire shape to help smooth the lines and transition to the background better.

Bud and background of first section finished
Bud and background of the first section finished

I really like the contrast of the black next to the leaves and bud.  It inspires me to weave something larger with some of these colors and shapes in the future.  However, right now I still have more conventional tapestry techniques to work out.  Next is two sloping shapes that come together, but are the same color.  I’m placing a lazy line here to help separate them.  This section also calls for floating bars.  I like the floating bars, they add accent without a completely different color like the hatching.  I wish I had started my floating bars a bit wider on the right side, but I’ll change things on the top of this shape to make up for the difference.  On the center of this section, I’ll try my hand at some vertical shading.  By blending my weft bundles with the color shades changing sequentially as the center section goes higher, I see this in other tapestries and like it a lot.

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