We’re fortunate to live in an age with the Internet.  To think people all over the globe can be connected in seconds, is astounding.  I revel in the fact, I can type something in a search bar, and obtain instant results.  Rather than pour over an encyclopedia or wait for the Library to open and spend countless hours without finding what I’m looking for.  Here are some sources I’ve found very useful.  Some for the knowledge I’ve gleaned, others for sourcing materials and equipment, and a few for both.  If you’re an online resource and aren’t on my list, I either haven’t discovered you yet, or haven’t updated.  Drop me a note, I love networking and spreading the word.  This list is far from complete.





Back-Strap Weaving:

Laverne Waddington – Back-Strap Weaving

Braids and Bands Yahoo Group


Sova Enterprises – Bead Patterns


Michael Cook – Wormspit – brocade, tablet weaving and silk cultivating

Nancy Spies – Arelate Studios – Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance 



Crochet In The Car –  Thank you, Alexa and Abby.  A lot of links and great information on Crochet.   

Crochet Kim

Future Girl – Foundation Stitches 

Tapestry Crochet

Cross Stitch:

Nancy Spies – Arlate Studios


Wild Colours


Mary Corbet’s – Needle N Thread

Fiber Arts – General:

Phiala’s String Page

Inkle Weaving:

A Spinner Weaver – Annie MacHale 

Inkle Weaving Facebook Group

The Carolinian Realm – Inkle Pattern Generator


Luceteers Facebook Group


Neulakinnas Nalbinding

Neulakintaat YouTube Channel

Samato09 YouTube Channel

Navajo Weaving:

Sarah Natani 

Weaving In Beauty 



Ruth MacGregor – Spinning Forth

Tablet Weaving:

Linda Hendrickson – Tablet Weaving and Ply Split Weaving

Guntrum’s Tablet Weaving Page

Historical Tablet Weaving Facebook Group

Tablet/Card Weaving Facebook Group

Supplies – In no particular order:

Norsk Fjord Fibers – Yarn for Tapestry and BandWeaving 

Stoorstalk√• – Bandweaving Products 

Yarn Barn of Kansas – Yarn & Equipment

Woolery – Yarn & Equipment

Ohio Valley Natural Fibers – Custom Fiber Processing 

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