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Inkle Weaving A To Z: Basics And Beyond ~ Video Download

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During the winter holidays Interweave had a wonderful sale on their video downloads.  The prices just couldn’t be beat.  I browsed through them and chose a few that I knew I would have an interest in but not so many that I was breaking the bank.  One of the videos was, “Inkle Weaving A To Z: Basics and Beyond”.  I’m an Inkle weaver already, but figured there must still be quite a bit in this video that I could learn.  So I bought it and downloaded it.  I got the High Definition download, since it was so inexpensive and I wanted as much clarity as possible.  Let me first remark about Standard vs. High Definition.  HD is great for your computer, but it will give you heartache with your tablet.  Interweave is well aware of this, but they’re certain not to mention it until after you’ve purchased the HD version and tried everything known to man to download it to your tablet and contact them for help.  Then they place the Standard Definition version in your account for you.  Voila!  Standard Definition downloaded onto my tablet.  This of course has nothing to do with the quality of the contents of the video.  

It’s obvious that Jane Patrick knows a lot about Inkle weaving, and she’s very good at it.  I think what’s forgotten is that her viewers may know a lot about weaving, or nothing about weaving at all.  In the video it’s assumed that the viewer is familiar with common weaving terms.  I watched this video with someone, and I was left explaining a lot of the terminology and nomenclature.  This, I thought would have been part of the video course.  Sadly it wasn’t.  She does a wonderful job demonstrating the warping of the loom.  She also does a great job demonstrating how she works with color and designs new band patterns.  

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She share’s a wonderful technique for pulling weft and handling selvages, sadly, she clearly doesn’t use this technique.  She uses a different technique than the one she shows for pulling her weft and handling selvages most of the time.  This “do as I say not as I do” approach is distracting.  Her skill is evident, but it’s my opinion that she was rushed and perhaps a little camera shy.  We probably all would have been.  Unfortunately, the folks at Interweave that created this video with her should have let her make more “takes” and edit the video better.  She demonstrates “Pick-Up” technique, I thought her method look cumbersome and difficult.  I probably wouldn’t have tried Pick-Up if I had only ever seen her do it.  Fortunately, I have some experience with Pick-Up.  I would have liked her to go over the “Basket Weave” set up for pick up, but there were likely time constraints.  One thing that I got a lot out of was her demonstration of “Pebble Weave”.  I’ve read about this and it just didn’t make much sense in written instructions.  However, when it’s demonstrated it just clicked in my mind.  I may have to make a pebble weave band now.

I think that Interweave and Jane Patrick should do another video.  Shoot a lot more video and edit it down to a nice smooth lesson.  It’s obvious that Jane Patrick has a lot of knowledge and experience to share.  Some mistakes were obvious enough that my friend took immediate notice with zero experience.  A properly edited video would have more impact.  You would expect this in a workshop setting, but a video can be shot, re-shot, and edited.  I think that the folks at Interweave could have done a better job on this and been more fair to Jane Patrick.

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