Hallmark, Pouch and Crochet Purse

Weaving a Hallmark, Pouch Closure & Crochet Ouchie

Inkle woven pouch with Button closure
Inkle woven pouch with Button closure

The pouch that my friend and I created together with a Inkle band has needed a closure.  I decided since he’s a gators fan and the pouch is made in the team colors, a gator button would be perfect.  Gainesville it would seem is in short supply of Gator buttons.  I looked high and low, at the yarn store, at the craft store and finally went to a gator fan store.  Zero buttons, but they did have some team pride pony tail holders, with a shank on the back just like a button.  So viola, one closure found.  I pushed the shank through the seam of the bottom of the pouch and sewed it to a button on the inside.  I pushed another through the seam on the flap and again sewed it to a button on the opposite side to prevent it from pulling through.  The pony tail band that came with it is perfect as a button loop and will keep this pouch closed when he has his wallet and checkbook in it.  He loves my pen, so I got one for him so mine wont come up missing.  Now we just need to find a way to attach it to his chair, and I may have that figured out.  We’ll see how it works out, I’m sure he’s anxious to put this pouch to use.

Hallmark woven in.  "J" and "E" joined along the center spine.
Hallmark woven in. “J” and “E” joined along the center spine.

Having woven lots of pieces by now, I’m bothered by the fact that I don’t weave a hallmark into my projects.  Most Tapestry weavings contains a hallmark of the weaver that created it.  Some Navajo weavers weave a hallmark, but many do not, most of the Navajo weavers know each others work by sight, so this isn’t an issue with them for the most part.  I’m working on my first conventional tapestry weaving.  I’ve had to un-weave and re-weave a few places to tighten it up a bit, but it’s working out ok so far.  I decided that this would be the perfect project to try out my hallmark.  I have a makers mark or hallmark stamp to mark jewelry that I make, and figured this image would be perfect for weaving as well and decided to give it a go.  I decided that I like it.  I want it to blend in with the background a tad more and I wish I had pulled the wraps of the center part tighter, but its a good place to start.

The dangers of Crochet.  Beaded Crochet Chatelaine bag.  The new hook hits the same spot on my finger wearing a hole in it.
The dangers of Crochet. Beaded Crochet Chatelaine bag. The new hook hits the same spot on my finger wearing a hole in it.

The beaded crochet chatelaine purse is coming out nice.  I have a new hook to use with it, it’s called “Amour”, by Clover.  The grip is soft enough that it takes much longer for my hand to cramp and go numb.  I have however developed a hole in my finger.  The hook hits my index finger on the same spot until I wore a hole in it.  I try to be careful but I still wind up sticking that hook right back in the same spot and making that wound worse.  My gauge was difficult to achieve at first with this project.  I recently double checked my gauge again and I have an extra stitch to the inch.  Hmmm, I could perhaps have used a slightly larger hook, or loosened up my tension a tad.  I made a bunch of swatches, I guess I should have made a larger swatch.  It seems ok, I think if it were too much looser the beads would have sunk into the fabric rather than sit on top the way they do.  Live and learn, still the project is small enough that the decrease in size will be negligible.  I can try lessening my death grip slowly so that I loose that extra stitch per inch by the time I get to the top where the hardware will sit.  I really like this DMC Cebelia crochet cotton.  The color is rich and it hardly ever splits.  My stitches are all nicely defined and it has a look of quality that is hard to beat.  I think I’ll put some surgical tape on that finger and try to avoid hitting that hole. 


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