Florida Tropical Handweavers Guild Conference Photos

Here are some photos that I was able to get while I “Day Tripped” at the Florida Handweavers Guild Conference on Saturday, March 15, 2014.


I refrained from taking photos of the vendors and in the workshops out of respect and in some cases lighting.  I also refrained from taking photos of people  because they were either busy in their workshop or eating lunch.  It would have been nice to have a group photo, but everyone was blissfully busy with their projects.


Oh!!!  I also met some nice people and was able to network some.


8 comments on “Florida Tropical Handweavers Guild Conference Photos
  1. Marsha says:

    Janean, thanks for posting the pictures. Lots of good ones. It was nice to see you at the conference. Maybe next year, you can come for the whole weekend. It is always such fun!

    • Thanks Marsha. It was great seeing you and everyone else too. I would love to attend the entire conference next year. I’m sneaking up on it, last year I missed it entirely, this year I did a day trip, and next year perhaps the whole thing. I wish I got better pictures, perhaps next year I will find where they keep the light switches and possibly bump a table or two so I can rearrange its contents for better staging. We’ll keep that between us.

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks for taking the photos & making them available too all!

  3. sidsel says:

    Thanks Janean! I am so glad you got to go, and sorry I missed you. My daughter and I had great fun making beautiful felted flowers!

    • I saw some really nice samples of those, beautiful actually. I networked some, and met some people and got to visit with the usual suspects. It would have been nice to see you there. I took your advice and ventured into every room and visited everyone.

  4. Barbara Zory says:

    Thanks for the pictures, Janean. It was great fun as usual and it was great to see you there. I think your pictures are fine. Can’t dis the tables though. At least 4 of us threw stuff on our table as we were on our way to a class and I’m sure all the other guilds did, too. There is never enough time to do everything. I wanted to decorate my canvas bag but couldn’t find the time. Try to come next year. You will love the whole event.

    • I enjoyed my time there and visiting with everyone. Actually the tables all looked great for visiting, but photos need staging. It’s bad enough that I had to touch everything, but I thought moving it all around might be pushing it. Of course, fiber arts is very tactile. I hope to attend the full conference next year.

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