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The Art Of The Loom Exhibit

The Gainesville Handweavers Guild has a Tapestry Weavers Group that meets once a month.  We decided as a group to visit an exhibit that’s being held at The Appleton Museum in Ocala.  An exhibit of tapestry weaving from across the world called, The Art Of The Loom.  I relish any opportunity to spend quality time with the lovely, intelligent and talented ladies that comprises our group.  Add Fiber arts and a car trip and what could be better?  Nothing, I think.  Wait, pack a bagged lunch, a picnic in the courtyard at a tapestry weaving exhibit, that would top the cake.

Beautiful painted horses of Ocala
Beautiful painted horses of Ocala

The Art Of The Loom exhibit is organized and Curated by a gentleman and tapestry weaver, Dirk Holger.  The exhibit contains weaving’s from 18 countries.  That’s quite an impressive display.  Traditionally, tapestries in Europe tended to be quite large.  They were hung on walls to help with the damp and cold conditions of castles while providing a decorative element.  Today, many of the tapestries we see are much smaller by comparison.  Their purpose is more of an outlet of the artist rather than a mundane function like insulation.  The weaving’s we’re viewing today are rather large by comparison.  Some of these would fit on a castles wall.  

This was quite an exhibit.  It was interesting to read about the inspirations for each weaving, ranging from remembered fragments of dream, to sexual abuse and nearly everything in between.  So many different techniques and materials used.  Wool, lots of wool, some silk, linen, polyester, metallic thread and grey hair.  This exhibit will move around the country.  Some are more than life size.  They would fill an entire wall in my house.


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    • Thanks. I loved the exhibit and the camaraderie of my weaving peers. It’s nice to see with someone special too 😉 I returned so late from my trip that there was just not enough time left of the day to write a better account of it.

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