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Book errata on 3 pages - graded for amusement

Book errata on 3 pages – graded for amusement

Sometimes the instructions don’t make sense for a good reason!!!  While browsing through the Inkle Weavers group on Facebook, I noticed a post with an Inkle woven band.  The band was a “pick-up” pattern that I recognized from a book I have.  I really liked the look of her band, it was her first “pick-up” band, and she was doing a nice job.  I liked the colors, and I thought about mentally placing that pattern in my queue.  The book was in the picture and I could tell where to find it in my own copy.  Looking at my book, I could see the sample band showing the pattern, but the graph for the pattern wasn’t there.  I knew that I could use a magnifying glass and “graph out” the pattern myself, but I was certain that’s not what the author of the post did, as this was her first “pick-up” Inkle band.  Looking closer, I could see the graph on her book in the picture, where mine was missing.  I mentioned it on the post, alarming several other people following the post.  Of course an investigation ensued.

Compared copies - left has graph right is missing

Compared copies – left has graph right is missing

The investigation was short, and the solution simple.  After a Google search for, “The Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory errata” the first on the list is the publishers link to book corrections.  I know that errors occur, I write my web log entry checking it several times, reading it, re-reading it, previewing it on the page, and after I click publish, I’ll still find errors.  I leave poor spelling, grammar, missing material and the such.  I think what bothered me the most is the fact that I pre-ordered my copy, and wasn’t notified of an update.  Now I feel the need to search for errata with all my “how to” books.  I’m thankful they made the files available.  Here’s the site for errata from Interweave’s Weaving Today, including the three pages for The Weavers Inkle Pattern Directory.

Corrections are highlighted, but already done in Sharpe

Corrections are highlighted, but already done in Sharpe

I followed the link, and after signing in to Interweave, there was a .zip file to download and open.  There are three pages of corrections for my (our) book, in PDF format.  I printed my pages, cut them down and taped them into my book where they should fall naturally.  I only taped the top since I like to see the original pages; the glossy pages show the pictures of the sample bands more clearly.  I found that I already made one correction myself with a Sharpe marker.  It’s this moment that I can remember hearing so many people say, “I tried to follow those directions, but they just didn’t make sense”.  When we feel like we can’t make sense of written directions, sometimes it’s not us.  This highlighted a need to check for these mistakes with all my books that include directions.  In the Author’s defense, writing good detailed instructions on how to do something with your hands is easier said than done, and she did do a good job fitting a lot of good information in one place.  I thought the red pen grades would amuse my friends with backgrounds in education.  Sigh!  I have so many “how to” books, I don’t know where to start.

Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory has corrections on page 32,  and pages 38 & 39.  Corrections are highlighted in yellow.  There is one typo (the word lower should be upper), two graphs missing and one repeated.  For all the information supplied, that’s still pretty good.  Check your copy against these files to see if you need to update your library.  The Weavers Companion (which I do not own) has errata listed as well.

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4 comments on “Errata Awareness
  1. Marsha says:

    Janean, you learned a good lesson here, didn’t you? Another is, don’t try to find all the errata for all the books and magazine patterns you have. Just check before actually using any particular pattern. You could spend hours finding and printing corrections for patterns you may never use. I know, it is tempting for those of us who lean toward the OCD, but not really necessary, and a waste of our precious time too. Your article is a very good word to the wise!

    • Hi Marsha. Simply checking before I consider a pattern sounds like good advice. I was ready to start a list. I can be a tad OCD about these things. I hadn’t thought of the magazines!!!!!!!!! Arggggg. Good thing they’re in another room where I can’t see them.

  2. Dawn says:

    I just informed Interweave about an error on page 69 for Baltic Style pickup #7-6, the top right design on that page.

    • Dawn,
      Thank you for taking the time to write. And thank you for notifying the publisher of errata. So many people struggle to learn a new skill and rely on published information to be accurate. The first thought is that I must be doing something wrong, but in fact, it may be the instructions or the pattern. Honestly, I have never worked this patter and I don’t see the error – unless it is the negative space inside the motif.


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