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A Guitar Strap is Born

Wow, the new year has been busy!  I’ve started school, and I’m surprised by how much time it consumes, so my blogs will slow to every other week.  I don’t have a lot of time to devote to projects, so

Cheviot Yarn #3

After some illness and company over the holidays, I have the chance to spin a larger sample of the Cheviot top into yarn.  I’ve decided to make this yarn just a tad thinner than the second sample.  I really liked

Cheviot Samples

Two pounds of Cheviot wool top came with my new wheel.  This gives me a lot of fiber to work with and acclimate to this wonderful new wheel.  I’ve decided to start with some sampling to knock the dust off

Weaving Woes

My 3-Color Inkle Pick-Up band is done and off the loom.  While I enjoyed weaving this band, it did not come out as well as I had hoped.  The design is beautiful and even, but the width of the band

In for a Spin

  My new Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel has arrived.  I was really excited about it.  I purchased this wheel from Bountiful because of her quick replies to email, her price was significantly less, and it came with 2 pounds of

Playing With 3 Colors

During our visit home, my cousin played the guitar while he and his wife sang for us.  I knew he played the guitar and they both sing, but we’ve never had the opportunity to enjoy it ourselves.  Every time he

New Trouble in Old Town

A family emergency has popped up.  I simply don’t have the time or presence of mind to compose a blog this week.  Every thing will be fine in no time and I’ll get my knuckles back to the grindstone, or

Vacation Fiber

The time has come for my Mother and I to travel North and visit family.  Of course, this means I’ll be a stones throw from the Ohio Valley Natural Fiber Mill.  While I pack, I mentally start my fiber shopping

Comfort Food – Tuna Casserole

I write this post with someone special in mind.  When I was visiting in Washington State, my brother asked me to make a tuna casserole.  We had this on occasion growing up and he wanted to revisit this taste from

Tapestry Pillow

The time has come to finally do something with the tapestries I wove from the DVDs.  I have four of them, and I initially decided to make pillows with them.  I have one 14 inch firm pillow form, so I