Year: 2016

Scissor Pouch

After working with scissors as my main tool for 30 years, I’ve developed quite a selection.  There are scissors everywhere, in the kitchen, living room, and especially the craft room.  They’re almost always laying around, stuck in a tool organizer,

On Your Marks – Get Sett – Weave

Late last year I made the decision to buy the designer pack of EPiC yarn.  It’s 100% wool and it’s useful for a lot of applications, including: tapestry weaving and band-weaving.  I’ve been looking for a yarn in a price

A Sketchy Start

Frequently, I hear wonderful phrases like: you’re so creative, you’re so artistic, and you’re so good with this artsy craftsy stuff.  I weave, spin yarn, knit, crochet, sew, and a host of vintage needle crafts, but many would be surprised

Epic Yarn – 114 Flavors

There are a few things that have hindered my progress in tapestry weaving: my lack of sketching skills, and a variety of suitable weaving yarn.  I’ve always felt I need a decent sized color palate, but perhaps it’s just me.

Spring Break!

Spring break was here and gone before I knew it.  I can’t believe how fast it has flown by.  My Spring Break was March 12 through March 20.  Now I’m back to the grindstone, crunching numbers and writing papers (and

Braided Cowl

Not so long ago, I was tagged in a post on Facebook by a friend.  It was a blog post that she shared of a crocheted and braided cowl.  I assume this was intended as a hint.  I’m in need

Warp Rack

I have a Tablet Weaving workshop coming up, and I need to make a warp for each of the participants.  It would be great if we could all make our own, but 4 balls of yarn, times 10 participants –

Breaking In the Plyer Flyer

My new Schacht wheel has a nifty accessory available.  It’s called a bulky/plyer flyer.  It has a larger orifice to accommodate thicker yarns, and a larger bobbin that holds a considerable amount of yarn.  I don’t have a lot of

A Guitar Strap is Born

Wow, the new year has been busy!  I’ve started school, and I’m surprised by how much time it consumes, so my blogs will slow to every other week.  I don’t have a lot of time to devote to projects, so

Cheviot Yarn #3

After some illness and company over the holidays, I have the chance to spin a larger sample of the Cheviot top into yarn.  I’ve decided to make this yarn just a tad thinner than the second sample.  I really liked