Month: October 2015

Tapestry Pillow

The time has come to finally do something with the tapestries I wove from the DVDs.  I have four of them, and I initially decided to make pillows with them.  I have one 14 inch firm pillow form, so I

Comfort Food – Noodles

When we were growing up, our Grandmother would make her homemade noodles.  My Brother and I loved them so much, my Mother learned how to make them for us.  I always watched, fascinated by the process of turning simple ingredients

Knitting Cast On Video

Since I’ve been working on socks and cowls, I’ve been in search for a cast on that will leave me with a nice elastic beginning edge.  I finally tried the “Old Norwegian” aka “German Twisted” cast on.  I mentioned last

October Stitches

This week the loom is empty – all of them.  I’ve taken some time to work on some smaller projects and get a few things done.  I’ve been considering the purchase of a used loom that’s fairly substantial in size.