Month: September 2015

Spin a Sample

I recently checked the book, “Spin Control” out of the library in an electronic format.  It’s a book I occasionally think about buying, but now I can check it out and give a try to see if I really want

Project 4 Finale

The final project from the Nancy Harvey DVD’s is complete.  I’m really glad that I stuck to my guns and completed all four projects from these two DVD’s.  There was a lot of repetition, but I picked up some useful

Project 4 Update

This project from Nancy Harvey’s second DVD is nearly complete.  Last week I was working on two sloping shapes with some floating  bars.  The shapes are the same color, so there’s a challenge to keep them from merging into one.

Project 4 Continued

The beat goes on with my fourth project from Nancy Harvey’s DVD series.  After I completed the first leaf with hatching, which I didn’t care for, I continued onto the next.  This leaf’s hatching ends on one side where the

DVD Project 4

I started to work on the project from my second tapestry weaving DVD.  It’s the fourth and final project from Nancy Harvey’s DVD set.  I plan to order her book next, which I will likely work a sampler from or