Month: August 2015

Start, Restart, and Finish

This week has been one of finishing one project, starting a second project, and redoing another.  I have the third project from my first DVD woven.  Now I’m sewing the slits together and advancing it on the loom to make

DVD Project 3

I have the third project from my DVD warped on the loom, and in progress.  I recently refitted the loom’s convenient warping pegs with longer pegs to accommodate a reasonably sized warp.  This made warping the loom a bit easier.

Loom Refit

It’s time to start the third and final project from my DVD.  First, I would like to use the Lacis Tapestry Loom that I used for the last project, but I want to make a modification to it.  This loom has

Completed Ringwood Pattern Cap

I have the Ringwood pattern cap completed.  Named for the British town, where it’s used extensively for gloves.  This knit stitch pattern is useful for a variety of applications.  It creates a nicely textured fabric, and I can see its use in