Month: July 2015

Ringwood Pattern Hat

The Ringwood pattern hat from the Fall 2007 issue of Spin Off is once again on my needles.  I really like the look of the fabric produced by this pattern.  It’s named from the British town of Ringwood where it’s

Project Two

Tapestry Weaving DVD Project 2 Finally completed the second project from my DVD, Tapestry Weaving by Nancy Harvey.  I have to admit, I considered skipping this project since it covers interlock joins, Pick and Pick (Coalmine), and Wavy horizontal lines

Athena Tunic Finish line

Reaching the Finish-Line My Athena tunic is complete.  I was working on the straps, the pattern called for five pattern repeats.  I was nearly done with the fourth repeat and thought I should try it on.  It seemed like the

DVD Project Two Started

Warping the Kliot Tapestry Loom My next project is a 14 inch by 14 inch square.  I decided to warp 29 inches as I could simply lash the two warp rods to each of the ends and twist the ends