Month: June 2015

Kliot Tapestry Loom

My new Kliot Tapestry Loom arrived from Lacis.  I watched a video of this loom in use on YouTube.  I was surprised when I read in the comment sections that someone couldn’t figure out how to put it together.  If

Off The Loom

Project 1 From the DVD, “Tapestry Weaving” by Nancy Harvey, my first project is finished.  I decided to make a pillow from both this weaving and project two.  They’re conveniently sized at 14″ x 14″.  I found a nifty way


DVD Project 1 Weaving this project will be different from the other projects I’ve worked on.  Using the Cartoon is easier said than done.  To begin with, I think I may overlook my mark and weave past it, so I

Warp Speed Ahead

Warping The Loom I have my Loom built, my cartoon prepared, yarns picked out, and I’m ready to start weaving.  All I need is a warp on my loom to weave.  I’ve decided to warp my loom with 8 ends

A Fresh Start

Begins At Step 1 I’ve always admired the Navajo Weavers.  Creating such beauty with skills passed down through generations; they weave complex patterns from memory, or weave an image that exists only in their mind against a stark canvas of