Month: May 2015

Travels and Connections

Connections Across The Miles I have a brother that lives in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m finally able to visit him.  I’ve never been to Washington or Oregon, so I look for things to do and see in the area.

Identifying Mark

Woven Name Plate My Mother and I both recently purchased some new luggage.  Personally, I didn’t own any to begin with, and she just decided it was time for more.  I’ve found myself at the luggage carousel before, certain the

Tablet Weaving Video Reviews

Today’s Double Feature I found another wonderful sale at Interweave along with an additional discount. I couldn’t keep from helping myself to another dose of videos.  Since I never feel I know enough about a craft, even one I do

New Weaving Tools

The Wonders Of Wooden Weaving Tools I have had my eye on a few wooden weaving tools lately.  I found a few things in an Etsy store that I decided I can’t live without.  They’re made by a lady in