Month: April 2015

Name That Weave

Weaving Letters Both my Mother and I recently purchased new Luggage.  To quickly distinguish our luggage, I decided we need to have a ribbon of sorts connected to it.  One that says, “MINE”, so to speak.  What could be better

Swedish Distractions and Woven Letters

The Package and the Plan When I’m busy I tell myself all the things I’m going to do, but when I finally have time, I get distracted so easy.  There’s so much to do, with my Navajo looms sitting idle

My Copy Cat Tassel

Approximating The Norwegian Tassel I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of fringe and tassels.  More often than not fringe looks untidy, and tassels often look like bunched up fringe.  As such, I typically avoid them.  Although, I’ve seen fine

The Swim Suit Challenge

Mending Swimwear Isn’t A Cake Walk I’ve been given the task of mending some swimwear that seems to be falling apart at the seams.  The garment is well constructed for the most part, but one of the binding threads at