Month: March 2015

Wrestles With Wool

A Sheep In The Weaving My great weaving adventures all started with a fascination of Navajo weaving.  Navajo weaving involves wool, lots of wool, wool warp, and a ton of wool weft in lots of colors.  The cool patterns of

Conference and Workshop

Conference and Workshop It was time for our annual conference that the Florida Tropical Weavers’ Guild hosts.  Our guild is a part of the FTWG and it’s great to see our members take part in a large event learning and

Simple Skirt Construction.

Simple Skirt ~ Fancy Hem Band It’s time to make a skirt for the band I wove in this blog.  This particular skirt pattern calls for trim to be added at the hem.  Trim, I quickly found out is expensive.

Skirt Band

Inkle Woven Skirt Band I had an upcoming Pick-up Inkle weaving workshop and wanted to have a “working” sample to show the participants how their finished bands could be used.  I decided on weaving a band using a Pick-Up technique

Secure Your Weft Video

Finish Line – Secure The Weft – End Of The Band   The end of the band is in sight. You know what comes next, Right?  Cutting the weaving off the loom.  While you know that you should be able to