Month: January 2015

Video Review – Combing Fiber

Combing Fiber Video by Robin Russo During the Winter holidays I kept getting loads of email advertisements from Interweave.  Naturally I delete most of them with little notice, but one caught my eye.  It offered 60% off digital downloads.  Hmmm!

Inkle Loom Heddles

Handle Those Heddles Inkle looms are relatively simple in their design.  They simply hold the warp tight and the heddles which keep half of the warp immobile.  This allows you to quickly create a shed to weave through.  It seems

The Three “R’s”

Recycle, Re-Purpose And Reuse ~ Time for a new Wallet.  I’ve had it for several years now, and it’s served me well.  It’s starting to separate at a seam, and just generally falling apart.  I detest trying to find new

A Christmas Cowl

Green As An Emerald ~ Soft as butter.  I found this Nuna yarn at YarnWorks in Gainesville when I was looking for a yarn for a different project.  I thought my Mother would love something made from this.  The color