Month: December 2014

Errata Awareness

Book Errata ~ Sometimes the instructions don’t make sense for a good reason!!!  While browsing through the Inkle Weavers group on Facebook, I noticed a post with an Inkle woven band.  The band was a “pick-up” pattern that I recognized

Scandinavian Heart Baskets

Woven Heart Baskets ~ I can’t remember the first place I saw these cute woven heart baskets, but I’m willing to bet that it was either the Carol Duvall show or Martha Stewart Living.  I watched Carol’s show for nearly

Yarn Gone Wild

The Errant Twist I began spinning this yarn with the intention of making a scarf for my mother.  I realized that she wanted it dyed a color of grey/silver, and I had some top just the right color.  I could

Seaweed Cowl

A Gift From The Needles I’ve had some business to attend to in St Petersburg that requires me to stay over a few nights a week.  I have a dear friend that I’ve known for over 21 years, and is

Bringing Order To Chaos

The Workbench I always find myself in cramped quarters – or – I tend to fill my room up with lots of stuff that requires space to use – tomato/tomàto.  Take your pick, but either way leaves me with more