Month: October 2014


Throw Yourself A Lifeline~ My knitting skills are, in my opinion, mediocre.  I can cast on, knit, purl, work some cables and some beginning level lace.  I’m great, until I notice a mistake – three rows down.  Having crocheted for

Beaded Bag

Bead Crochet Chatelaine Bag  Sometimes I work diligently on a project from start to finish, with nary a breath between.  Then there are other times that I let a project sit and wait for me to take it from one

Patriotic Weaving

Flag Inkle Band~ I saw a woven band on the internet some time ago and drafted a pattern from it.  It’s a flag pattern, and it sat there for quite a while along with the yarn waiting for me to

Inkle Pouch Complete

Inkle Woven Pouch Completed This pouch was started by a friend who initially had an interest in weaving.  I helped out with the weaving to get the band completed and off the Inkle loom.  I created the pouch, then the