Month: September 2014

Alpaca Revisited

A Yarn Left Behind~ During a vacation to visit home and relatives, I made a side trip to a local fiber mill.  I bought some soft white Alpaca roving.  The plan was to spin a nice yarn, and knit a

Pick-Up For The Soul

Pick-Up Inkle Weaving~ Inkle weaving is weaving narrow bands of cloth on an Inkle Loom.  The loom usually but not always has two wood upright structures, and a series of thick pegs.  Generally used to produce strong and decorative narrow

Tablet Weaving Video

Tablet Weaving The Antler Pattern ~ I’ve really enjoyed working on this tablet woven band.  It follows this Antler Pattern, and I intend to make curtain tie backs with the finished lengths.  Since I’ve started, I’ve discovered a couple of things


Personalized Bookplates~ I have quite a few books.  That’s not to say I didn’t get rid of many before I moved, two years ago.  As such, I downsized from four book cases to only two, and those hold both my

Antler Tablet Woven Band

Weaving a band of Antlers~ While browsing the internet and Facebook, I came across a pattern for a tablet woven band with an antler motif running along it.  The pattern drew me in, and as I studied the pattern, the