Month: August 2014

Mated Mitten

Sister Mitten  Well, it appears that I’m not suffering from second mitten syndrome.  It’s completed and nearly dry.  I can’t believe how fast the second one worked up.  I’m so glad that I kept notes that I was able to

Bead Spinner Video

The Beads In The Spinner Go Round And Around ~ I purchased this bead spinner about 3 or 4 years ago.  I wasn’t sure when I would use it, I just knew I would…Sooner or later.  This is so often

Smitten Mitten

~ Raven Work Mitten ~ I say mitten because I’ve completed only one so far.  This mitten didn’t take long once I got into the groove of working on it.  It started out as an Icelandic lambs fleece that I


Projects In Full Swing The last week has been quiet.  My projects have been staring at me.  I’ve been working on the beaded crochet chatelaine purse.  It’s been enjoyable, I may want to make another when I’m finished with this