Month: July 2014

Dye Today, Knit Tomorrow

Dying Small Amounts Of Yarn I was breezing through an old issue of Spin-Off magazine and came across an article that Judith Mackenzie McCuin wrote.  It was about spinning Gutefar wool into yarn and knitting a pair of mittens.  I


Weaving Negative Space While I’ve spent countless hours Navajo weaving, tapestry weaving has always been a bit intimidating.  The thought of weaving a shape, the techniques, the constant planning ahead just seem daunting.  There’s a lot of work before you

Blouse Remix

Blouse On The Loose I have a few skirt patterns that I like and I use often enough I barely look at what I’m doing when I make them.  But you can’t leave the house in nothing but a skirt.

Creamed Corn

When Life Brings You Corn I found myself in possession of a fair amount of corn, 15 ears to be exact.  I thought this would be a perfect time to freeze some corn on the cob or to save space, cut the

Well Hung

Navajo Rug Weaving Mounted On Wall My Mother asked me to weave her a blanket.  So after my week long workshop and one more project, I felt nearly competent enough to accommodate her.  I chose to weave a bed rug,