Month: April 2014

Loom Decoupage

Copper Loom Make Over I have my Brennan style loom, adapted for my personal use.  Thinner, lighter pipes and shorter, so It’s less heavy and will require less warp for smaller weaving’s.  I decided to decoupage the loom so I

Pattern Preservation

How To Preserve A Sewing Pattern I love sewing patterns.  I have tons of them, but two-thirds I have never used.  When I find one I like, I will use it over and over again.  Frequently, they are multi-sized, and I

Loom ~ Brennan Style

Tapestry Loom ~ Archie Brennan Style  It seems like most of the tapestry weavers that I know have at least one loom made in the style of the loom that Archie Brennan designed.  They seem perfectly portable, sturdy and easy

O’Brien Knot Collaboration

Double-Faced Tablet Weaving ~ O’Brien Knot One of the wonderful things about going to a conference is the opportunity to network with other like-minded people from far and wide with diverse skills and knowledge.  Of course, I didn’t have any contact or business

Tatting Shuttles Overhaul

Decoupaged Tatting Shuttles Decoupaged Tatting Shuttles?  Why?  Well, in truth, mostly for practical reasons, believe it or not.  My hands and fingers tend to be dry, and I find the plastic tatting shuttles to be too slippery.  They slip and