Month: March 2014

Off The Loom

A Weaving Complete This weaving was warped around Thanksgiving and I’ve had several blogs devoted to it, it looks as though this will be the last one, and on to more projects I hope. My weaving carried on until the space

Conference 2014

Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference The Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference 2014 has come and gone in a whirl wind.  Sadly I was only able to take a day trip on Saturday at the height of the event.  I would

The Last Mile

Lumps, Bumps And The Last Mile Well, I’ve got this weaving down to the last mile, or the last two inches that is.  With Navajo weaving the last few inches can take the longest and most work.  The nature of

Ohio Offerings

With Guests Come Gifts My cousin who lives in Ohio is down for the Winter.  He is so cool, always the “Hunter – Gatherer” he always finds such neat stuff, and he always shares.  I love to be the recipient of this