Month: December 2013

Knitted Holiday Hat

A Knitted Hat For a Holiday Gift About a year ago I knitted a scarf for someone special.  Here’s a hint; if I knit or crochet something for you…You’re special, that takes time and energy, but for those I consider

New Video ~ Interlock Vertical Join ~ Multiple Color Change

Interlock Join With Multiple Color Changes Video Well, my wool order arrived and I got back to work on this weaving.  Not that I didn’t have anything else to do in the mean time.  However; it is rather large and

How I Warp My Loom ~ Videos

Two Part Video On How I Warp And Set Up My Loom For Navajo Style Weaving. In the first video, I begin with a warping frame, two warp rods, wool warp yarn, and a plan.  Normally I would use the

Designing, Planning and Inspiration

Designing and Planning a Weaving Project I will often see a picture or a pretty landscape and think to myself, “I see a weaving in that.”  While I was in New Mexico several of the ladies mentioned different styles of