Month: October 2013

This Ole Loom

A Looming Presence You can’t throw a bottle cap in my house without hitting a loom.  I have looms every where, you could say it’s a looming presence.  Most of which I have made myself.  Mostly because I’m cheap thrifty, or

Continuous Hematite Necklace

Continuous Hematite Necklace So, my Mother wanted a necklace that she could hang a Crucifix from that was beaded with Hematite and was large enough to slip over her head without needing a clasp.   Her hands just don’t do

The Cowl

The Cowl That Would Be a Tablet Cover Recently I became the proud new owner of a Samsung tablet.  I got a cover for it that fits it like a glove.  The cover protects it from dings and scratches, but

My Wonky Little Bag

Bag For Shuttles And Pick-Up Sticks I go to the Inkle weaver’s group almost every Friday, at Yarnworks Yarn shop.  There are two ladies who have these “wonky” bags they tote around with them.  I have no idea what they

New Plying Video

Ply Two Hand-Spun Singles Into One Two-Ply Yarn   After spinning the two singles, I take these and make a two ply yarn.  These are the same singles that I spun in the spinning video.  I spun the singles clockwise