Month: September 2013

Navajo Style Tapestry Weaving

A NEW WEAVING I find myself at home, with a finished weaving, when I should be in New Mexico starting one.  The annual workshop that takes place in Table Mesa, New Mexico with Sarah Natani is in progress when this web-log

Lucet Demo Video

Lucet Demonstration Video The Lucet is a Lyre shaped tool that dates back to the Viking era.  Its primary use was to make utilitarian braids to be used as cording and lacing.  It yields a strong and inflexible square braid.  Traditionally

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Romanian Point Lace

THE BOOKMARK I’m not sure where I found this form of lace, but I find it fascinating.  I thought this is a lace I can learn to make on my own.  With the help of the internet, of course, I can.

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  OTHER PEOPLES PROJECTS Several months ago I took my Mother into YarnWorks.  We were in Gainesville and I needed additional yarn for a project that I was crocheting.  After we returned home, my Mother, who has zero interest in

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How To Make A Simple Skirt

THE SIMPLE SKIRT   I've had many friends that just don't understand why I would go through the trouble of making a garment instead of buying one ready-made. Well, there are many reasons, namely, I find it difficult to find garments

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