Year: 2013

Knitted Holiday Hat

A Knitted Hat For a Holiday Gift About a year ago I knitted a scarf for someone special.  Here’s a hint; if I knit or crochet something for you…You’re special, that takes time and energy, but for those I consider

New Video ~ Interlock Vertical Join ~ Multiple Color Change

Interlock Join With Multiple Color Changes Video Well, my wool order arrived and I got back to work on this weaving.  Not that I didn’t have anything else to do in the mean time.  However; it is rather large and

How I Warp My Loom ~ Videos

Two Part Video On How I Warp And Set Up My Loom For Navajo Style Weaving. In the first video, I begin with a warping frame, two warp rods, wool warp yarn, and a plan.  Normally I would use the

Designing, Planning and Inspiration

Designing and Planning a Weaving Project I will often see a picture or a pretty landscape and think to myself, “I see a weaving in that.”  While I was in New Mexico several of the ladies mentioned different styles of

Interlock Vertical Join Demo Video

NAVAJO STYLE WEAVING INTERLOCKED VERTICAL JOINS DEMONSTRATION VIDEO I have come to a place on my new weaving where there are color changes in the same row.  There are several ways to approach this and I’m choosing to use the

Ohio Valley Natural Fiber

VACATION WITH A TWIST OF FIBER My Mother and I have been planning a trip to Ohio to visit family for several years now.  It was way past due, but circumstances always seem to create delays, and plan changes.  Between

Processing An Icelandic Lamb’s Fleece

Two Icelandic Fleeces to Process I made a trip out to Caney Branch Farm located in Monticello, Florida.  They have a beautiful place, are gracious hosts, and great stewards of their land and animals.  They are master beekeepers and keep a beautiful

Feed Bag Tote

Making a tote from a Feed Bag I originally found this project on Mother Earth News, but was reminded of it when I was visiting the Caney Branch Farm in desperate search of Icelandic Sheep Fleece and honey, both of which I found.  I

This Ole Loom

A Looming Presence You can’t throw a bottle cap in my house without hitting a loom.  I have looms every where, you could say it’s a looming presence.  Most of which I have made myself.  Mostly because I’m cheap thrifty, or

Continuous Hematite Necklace

Continuous Hematite Necklace So, my Mother wanted a necklace that she could hang a Crucifix from that was beaded with Hematite and was large enough to slip over her head without needing a clasp.   Her hands just don’t do